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Leadership Development

“Great leaders know where their people should go, know how to get there from where they currently are, and are able to influence others to come with them on their journey." — Arvidson


Adaptive Leadership

The easy to understand and easy to use Situational Leadership method holds that managers must use...

Advanced Conflict Resolution Strategies

Leaders will be positioned to resolve workplace conflicts in a timely and effective manner.

Behavorial Interviewing

A technique which asks specific questions to predict a potential team member’s success based on a...

Building Self Esteem

Understand the importance of healthy self-esteem in the workplace and its relationship to product...

Change Management

Change is constant. Is your team ready?

Coaching and Motivating Team Members

Human nature drives us to seek approval and recognition. This course is based on the P.R.I.C.E mo...

Coaching in the Moment

Effectively working through issues affecting safety, efficiency, and productivity in the work env...

Decision Making

Do your leaders feel comfortable making decisions?


How to let go, delegate responsibilities, and trust the decision to do so.

Developing A Safety Culture

Skills-based training that teaches leaders how to create and maintain a safety culture.

Effective Performance Reviews

Effective performance reviews require proper planning and delivery to receive a positive behavior...

Embracing Diversity & Inclusion

Recognizing unconscious bias in regards to decision making.

Emotional Intelligence

Understanding the importance of emotional intelligence as a leader.

Enjoy Your Job With Maximum Performance

Explore the team member attitude cycle that revolves around job satisfaction, personal energy and...

Executive Coaching

Coaching provided by one of our executive consultants with years of experience in public and priv...

Goal Setting

Recognize the direct and proportional relationship between goals and productivity with team membe...

Improving Team Member Performance

Strategic steps necessary to increase a team member’s performance.

Leadership Development Event

This is a multi-day program that will ensure your leaders are the best in their current role and ...

Leadership Essentials Series

This Series will provide front-line leaders with the foundational skills and concepts necessary t...

Leading A Multi-Generational Workforce

Principle-based leadership tool offering guidelines for effective leadership.

Leading Effective Safety Meetings

Gain knowledge and add dimension to your safety meeting effectiveness before, during and after ea...

Managing Effective Meetings

Meetings can be management’s most effective communication and planning vehicle.

Managing The Daily Stresses

Develop a solid understanding of the effects of tension in the workplace.

Mastering Leadership Series

This is an exceptional follow up to the Leadership Essentials series or a stand-alone series for ...

Maximize Your Skills Through DiSC

DiSC® Profile instrument is used to explore team member motivations and personalities.

Maximizing Your Leadership Muscles

Utilizing muscles in decision making.

Peer To Leader Transition / Conflict Resolution

Leaders will be positioned to resolve workplace conflicts in a timely and effective manner.

Proactive Time Management

Develop strategic plans to manage multiple projects or tasks.

Selection & Hiring

Insight into practices designed to retain team members and prepare high potential candidates for ...

The Five Behaviors

The Five Behaviors® Team Development transforms intact teams through The Five Behaviors model of ...

The Impact of Perceptions

By understanding team member perceptions, managers can understand the dynamics of effective commu...

The Legalities Of Leadership

Are your leaders concerned with what they can or cannot ask a team member? When does it cross the...

The Power Of Praise

An under-utilized tool by leaders, yet the most important in achieving peak performance.

Train The Trainer

Dynamic training is one of the organization’s most effective methods to educate, empower and deve...

Understanding Team Member Motivations

This module utilizes the DiSC® profiling instrument to discover team member motivations and perso...

Leadership goes beyond just managing a team and workplace. Having individuals who understand how to build a team that's engaged and equipped to their fullest potential will dramatically change how your organization functions.

At Elite Training of Louisiana, we value the contributions that true leaders can make in the workforce. No matter what industry you are involved in, developing leadership qualities will make a difference in your and your team's life.

About Our Leadership Development Programs

Leadership encompasses an array of knowledge and skills. At any given moment, leaders need to be prepared to work and coach through issues in the workplace. Whether these issues involve safety or productivity, the team will look to the leader to communicate and navigate situations appropriately and effectively.

Along with delving into coaching concepts, our programs also aid in improving critical thinking and decision-making skills. These kinds of skills are crucial for driving business results. Other programs cover topics as diverse as achieving an effective work-life balance and the legalities of leadership.

No matter which program you choose, you'll be able to take advantage of our practical and dynamic approach to business training.

Our Leadership Training Courses Will Make a Difference in Your Workplace

Today's workplace is more competitive than ever before. To maximize your team’s ability to adapt, grow and succeed in your industry, your leaders need to know how to get the team to work together.

Leaders are able to identify and use the strengths and weaknesses of their team to the organization’s advantage. Everyone has unique contributions to make and an effective leader will use those to benefit the entire team.

What You'll Gain by Choosing Elite Training of Louisiana

Here at Elite Training of Louisiana, we are proud to be providers of superior corporate training. We have a team of world-class experts who will help you develop a capable workforce. Through our full learning transfer model, you can feel confident that you'll gain the training and skills to succeed as a leader — no matter what industry you are involved in.

To back up our claims, we offer a guarantee with all our courses. Once you've completed the course, we'll refund the cost if you aren't completely satisfied. You can feel confident knowing that we'll do what it takes to provide performance-changing training that will unlock your leadership capabilities.

Discover Our Leadership Training Courses

Whether your goal is to better understand employee perceptions or learn more about how to achieve peak performance by using praise, Elite Training of Louisiana offers the leadership training programs you need to reach your goals. Schedule a course today to get started.

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