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Are you interested in receiving state funding to train your workforce?
We can help you through the Incumbent Worker Training Program (IWTP) grant.


Grant Writing Services for your Team Development

Grant Services

No matter what industry you are in, workforce training is one of the most beneficial investments. From ensuring your team members gain the knowledge and tools needed to perform at their best to equipping them with the training necessary to prevent or respond to accidents and emergencies, the benefits are endless.

The right training also keeps your business compliant with OSHA while lowering your workers' compensation insurance premiums. The results are fewer accidents and injuries in the workplace, which boosts employee morale, productivity, and your company’s overall efficiency.

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Are you interested in receiving state funding to train your workforce?

Incumbent Worker Training Program (IWTP) workforce development grants are available to help you reach your goals. Through IWTP, Louisiana businesses can receive state funding to offset the cost of training. If you qualify, you can receive the top-quality instruction of your choice, taught by skilled, experienced trainers.

Elite Training of Louisiana’s full-time grant experts will assist you with every step of the process. We help you confirm grant eligibility and identify training needs so you can achieve exactly what you have in mind. We write and submit the grant application to ensure the best chance of timely approval and manage grant training, compliance, and fiscal responsibilities. We’re here to ensure your grant is successful and beneficial to your business. Your mission is our mission.

About the Louisiana Workforce Training Grant

The Incumbent Worker Training Program is a partnership between the Louisiana Workforce Commission, business and industry, and training providers. It is designed to:

  • develop employee skills
  • increase productivity
  • encourage company growth
  • create new jobs
  • increase job retention
  • increase wages for trained workers

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Employer must have been in business in Louisiana for at least 3 years and comply with UI tax laws.
  2. Employer must have at least 15 employees to be trained.
  3. Trainees must be incumbent workers for whom the employer incurs a Louisiana UI tax liability.
  4. Employer must request training to either:
    • Prevent job loss caused by obsolete skills, technological change, or competition
    • Create, update, or retain jobs in a labor demand occupation or other occupations where services are necessary to prevent the loss of jobs

Has your company been in business in Louisiana for 3 or more years?

Does your company pay Louisiana unemployment taxes?

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Ready to transform your workplace? It's always the right time to start developing a strategic training plan to keep your team and workplace safe and in compliance. Contact us to learn more about grant programs and how to partner with Elite Training of Louisiana!

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